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This is the same as MENU>VDF2TAB except it converts the file to a comma delimited file.  After supplying the savelist there are a number of options that can be used to control output.  These should all be together and not separated by vertical bars |.


* causes time to run down instead of across.
! causes the Time axis to be suppressed from the output.
+appends to rather than overwrites the target.
[ causes subscript names to appear in separate column or row.  
E causes numbers to be formatted in European style (period for 000 separator and comma for decimal mark)
^ causes time/date values to be expored in Excel date code
} creates separate sheets for constants, data, game, levels, auxiliary and other (XLSX only)  
~ causes the run name to be output as well
{ causes the units of the variable to be output



frequency, if specified, causes the data to be saved at that frequency instead of every SAVEPER.  You can also use start and end  if you do not want to get values from the entire range contained in vdffile. Not that leaving any of them blank uses the default.

codepage, if specified, determines what character encoding will be used. If this is left blank the file will be rendered in UTF8 (65001). Some common encodings are 1252 (ANSII Latin 1) and 1250 (Central European – Windows). You can also use 0 to specify the currently active code page which should generate a file with the encoding native to the computer being used.

If you want to add extra columns (or rows if time is running down), such as the run name, then after the final option use a colon : followed by the text you want to appear in the column. Use an exclamation point ! to include the current run name. Extra columns will be added just before the Values start. Note that the :Extra sequence must be at the very end. To add multiple extra columns use a \t to separate them as in:


You do not need to include all potential arguments, or even separators for them. A : at any point will be recognized as the beginning of the Extra information. Everything that follows will be treated as the extra information.

If you use the command MENU>VDF2CSV with no options a dialog will appear just as for the Vensim menu command Model>Export Dataset command.

See also: CSV2VDF