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Toolsets, Tools, and Causal Tracing

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Vensim has four toolbars.  The Main Toolbar appearing at the top is simply a shortcut to menu items and functions.  The Status Bar, appearing at the bottom provides shortcuts (specific to the window open) to commonly performed tasks, and information on the status of current activities.  The Sketch Tools, normally appearing along the top of the Build Window just underneath the Main Toolbar, are only available in the Sketch Editor and are used to build and edit models.  The Analysis Tools, normally appearing on the left, are used to analyze the structure and behavior of Vensim models.

Of these four toolbars, two, the Sketch and Analysis tools, are customizable in terms of the tools they contain, their appearance, and the actions those tools perform.  This chapter:

Gives an overview of how the Sketch and Analysis Tools work.
Shows how to customize individual Tools.
Describes how to modify, save and load Toolsets.
Discusses the locking of Analysis Tools.
Shows you how to activate tools and work with tool output windows.
Describes how to select variables and zoom in on time ranges.
Introduces Causal Tracing.