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Vensim Help

NOTE Not all analysis tools are available in all configurations.  Vensim PLE and PLE Plus both have fixed toolsets and do not support modifications to the behavior of tools.

The Analysis Tools allow you to explore the structure and behavior of a model.  The Analysis Tools are normally located on the left of Vensim's main window.  This chapter describes each of the Analysis Tools:

The Tree Diagram tool displays a graphical representation of the causes or uses of variables.
The Outline tool shows the same information as the Tree Diagram tool, but in a text-only format.  
The Document tool displays the equation for a variable, its units of measure, and selected values.  
The Loops tool shows a list of all feedback loops that pass through the Workbench Variable.  
The Strip Graph tool helps you trace causality by displaying the behavior of a variable and the behavior of the causes or uses of that variable.  
The Sensitivity Graph tool shows the results of sensitivity simulations, and also allows you to trace causality.
The Graph tool gives you the big picture of a variable, or a number of variables in the Custom Graph tool, and helps you prepare presentation-quality output.  
The Table tool displays numerical values for the Workbench Variable and optionally for its causes or uses.
The Stats tool provides summary statistics about the Workbench Variable and optionally for its causes or uses.  
The Bar Graph tool displays a bar graph of a variable at a specific time to help you compare summary measures across runs or subscripts.
The Gantt Chart tool measures the Start Date and End Date of various tasks using a Gantt chart format.
The Runs Compare tool allows you to compare initial differences between two simulation runs.
The Units Check tool is an alternative way to start units checking on a model.
The Equation Editor tool is an alternative way to start the Equation Editor.
The Reality Check tool runs Reality Check on the Constraint selected in the Workbench.