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Welcome to Ventity!

We've designed Ventity to help you create simulation models based on individual objects, people, and organizations.

Top-down, highly aggregated models such as those built with our flagship product Vensim are extremely powerful. But for some problems, the individual relationships between members of different groups are more important than the sizes or averages of the groups.

For other problems, highly detailed data must be absorbed into a cohesive model that can be simulated and analyzed. These are the problems Ventity was made to solve.

Let's get started.


Alternative Pricing.

Academic licenses are currently FREE, visit http://ventity.biz/license/#education to see if you qualify. Commercial or proprietary use in academic settings requires a commercial license.

As a Vensim Pro/DSS user who has an active maintenance contract, you also get access to a Ventity license.


Additional Information.

For more information on Ventity visit us at www.ventity.biz/

If you have questions email us at info@ventity.biz or visit our forum at http://www.ventanasystems.co.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=48    

Ventity Subscription

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