• Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation I: Practical guide to the analysis of complex systems


An Agent Based Model (ABM) allows simulating the actions and interactions of many agents or entities in order to evaluate their impact on the system as a whole. These models are used in areas such as industry, business, biology, ecology, and the social sciences.


The book provides:

1.- Immediate results. From the first pages the reader is already able to create an ABM model.

2.- A guide for beginners. Each concept is explained in detail with the support of more than 1000 figures.

3.- Didactic models. The 40 models included are designed to learn progressively. The models, with some help videos can be downloaded.

4.- Practical approach. The book allows the reader to see the possible applications to their own area of interest.

5.- Free and easy software. Specific and free software for personal and educational use is used, and no prior training is needed. It is not necessary to know programming languages.


Juan Martín García is a Doctor of Industrial Engineering in Business Organization from the UPC (Spain) and a Diploma from the Sloan School of Management at MIT (USA). He has more than 30 years of experience as a consultant for companies and public organizations using simulation models based on System Dynamics. Professor at several Spanish and Latin American universities, he teaches online courses at Vensim https://vensim.com/vensim-online-courses/ (in English) and System Dynamics at ATC-Innova http://atc-innova. com/ (Spanish). He is the author of books and lectures on business, social and environmental applications of simulation models.

- Dr. Francisco Campuzano Bolarín, Professor of Business Organization at the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT).- Lening Mora, M.S Environmental & Occupational Health (San Diego, California) and Postgraduate Diploma in Healthcare Modeling and Simulation at Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, California USA).- Professor Gavin Melles, PhD, MSc Swinburne University (Victoria, Australia).

Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation I: Practical guide to the analysis of complex systems

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