Discounted licenses for academic use.

Academic pricing is available only to students and faculty of accredited educational institutions. The software may only be used for educational purposes.

If you believe you qualify for academic pricing, please complete the "Educational Discount Policy" below. You will be emailed a discount code that you can then use in our online shop to received the discounted software.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at

Pricing for Vensim PRO Academic.


Educational Discount Policy - Please Complete

In support of education Ventana Systems, Inc. provides a restricted and non-transferable license for Vensim at a reduced fee. Please read this carefully and ensure that you understand the license restrictions. Agree to the terms, and submit the form.

Vensim will not be shipped until this correctly completed form is received.

Please use an official academic instution email address.
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I am an authorized purchasing agent of a school, college or university licensed by an appropriate state authority, whose primary purpose is to provide instruction to an enrolled body of students (an "Eligible Institution")

I am a student at an Eligible Institution.

I am faculty member at an Eligible Institution.

I certify that the use of the Software will conform to the following restrictions (tick all that apply):

The Software will not be used for non-educational or commercial purposes or in the provision of consulting services for compensation.

All course materials developed using the Software will be made available to students at the Eligible Institution.

All use of the Software will conform to the standards of educational use at the Eligible Institution.

All results of all research conducted using the Software will be published or otherwise made publicly available.

The Software not be used on work that is classified, proprietary or restricted in any way. Note that research being substantially conducted by a student in order to complete a course or degree requirement is exempt from this.

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