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Note: SENS2FILE provides improved capabilities; SENS2TAB is retained for backward compatibility.

Converts a sensitivity simulation file to a tab delimited file.  This command will fail silently if vdffile is not the result of a sensitivity simulation.  A number of options can follow the name of the output file.

*        causes the simulation index (or time if # is specified) to run down instead of across.

!        causes only the values at final time to be exported.

#        causes the variables names to be modified by simulation number instead of time (only applies when ! is not specified).

[        causes the variable names to be modified using a subscript instead of a prefix (only applies when ! is not specified).

!        suppresses the header.

+        appends rather than overwriting the file.

codepage, if specified, determines the character encoding to use for the output. The default is UTF8 (65001). Use 0 to use the native ANSII encoding for the computer you are working with (usually 1252 ANSII Latin 1 for English and Western European languages).