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VECTOR REORDER(vec,svec) REORDERs the elements of a VECTOR

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The VECTOR REORDER function returns a new vector with the same values as vec but in the order specified in svec.  Normally svec will be the result of a call to VECTOR SORT ORDER but it can also be specified by another means.  Note that svec is 0 based not 1 based (that is a value of 0 corresponds to the first index in the vec).



Units: VECTOR REORDER(units,dmnl) --> units

Restrictions: Must appear first on the right and can’t be followed by anything else.  Sorting is done on the complete vector relative to the last subscript.  Subranges will not work.

Availability: Professional and DSS only.


Sample model: VECTOR RANK + REORDER + SORT ORDER.mdl in FunctionExamples