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Returns a new time base having the value START when Time is 0 and increasing by SLOPE relative to Time.

The TIME BASE function allows different time units to be used in a model (e.g., months and years).  This can make output more attractive, and allow easier data entry.  

Restrictions: TIME BASE must directly follow the equal sign. It signals Vensim that the variable on the left-hand side of the equation is a Time Base. START and SLOPE must be numbers or constants, not expressions or computed variables.  The left-hand variable cannot have subscripts.  In the Equation Editor select variable type Time Base.

Same as: (START + Time*SLOPE) except it marks the left-hand variable as a Time Base rather than an Auxiliary.

Units:TIME BASE(newtime,newtime/time) -> newtime (SLOPE is essentially a units converter)


Decimal year = TIME BASE(1970,.0833333) (defines a
yearly time base for a monthly model).


See also: Time Bounds and Dates

Sample model: TIME BASE.mdl in FunctionExamples