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POWER(BASE, X) Value Raised to a POWER

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Returns BASE to the power of X.  Same as BASE^X

The power function and the exponentiation operator both test the exponent to see if it is an integer.  If it is an integer, it computes the result exactly.  If the exponent is not an integer, the power function is equivalent to EXP(X*LN(BASE)).


Units: POWER(dimensionless,dimensionless) --> dimensionless (all arguments must be dimensionless).

If the power is .5, 1, 2, 3 or 4 the units are taken to the power (if possible).  Any other powers require dimensionless units.


POWER(1,100) is equal to 1.0.

POWER(-2,2) is equal to 4.0.

POWER(2,3) is equal to 8.0.

POWER(A,LOG(X,A)) is equal to X (by definition). 

Availability: Not PLE or PLE Plus – use ^ instead.

See also: LN, EXP, and LOG.

Sample model: POWER.mdl in FunctionExamples