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DELAY BATCH(input,bsize,btime,inibatch,initime,inibacklog) BATCHed DELAY

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Returns the value of input collected into batches of size bsize after processing for time btime.  A zero is returned for all times a batch is not being completed.  The initial batch in process is specified by inibatch and is returned at initime.  The initial amount of material already accumulated for processing is specified by inibacklog.

Batches are not released for processing until the amount of material accumulated is at least bsize and no batch is currently being processed.  This function takes a continuous input stream and converts it to distinct pulses while conserving the total amount of material. bsize and btime can both be time varying and the time at which a batch is completed, and a nonzero value returned, is determined by the value of btime when the batch started.  If initime is less than or equal to the initial time for the simulation then inibatch is returned when the simulation starts.

Units:DELAY BATCH(units, units*time, time, units, time, units*time) --> units


return from anodize=DELAY BATCH(assembly,100,3,100,2,20)

For more detailed examples see Chapter 9 of the Modeling Guide.

Availability: Not PLE or PLE Plus.


Sample model: DELAY BATCH.mdl in FunctionExamples