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CUMULATE(X) CUMULATE data series CUMULATEF(X) CUMULATE but only retain Final value

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Takes input data X and returns the accumulation of that data (i.e., the first data point, the first data point plus the second, … the sum of all the data points). CUMULATEF reports only the final sum at the time of the last data point.  The accumulation is pure, no attempt is made to multiply by the time interval.  

Units:CUMULATE(units) --> units

NOTE This units convention may cause trouble if you are attempting integration.

Restrictions: Valid only in data := equations. Must appear first on the right of the := sign and not be followed by anything else.  It defines a variable as being manipulated data.


cum sales data := cumulate(sales data) 

Availability: Not PLE or PLE Plus


Sample model: CUMULATE.mdl in FunctionExamples