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File Types

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.bmp – BitMaP file. Used to store embedded bitmaps when a file is saved in .mdl format. The filenames are the same as the model name with numbers added.

.dat – DATa input file. This is a simple text file.

.cin - Constant INput file used to change Constants and Lookups in simulation (text file).

.gin – Gaming Input file use to change gaming variables when running games (text file).

.cmd - CoMmanD file used to run a series of commands in batch mode (DSS only) (text file)

.frm – FoRM file used to tell Vensim how to import tab delimited and spreadsheet files.

.lst – LiST file containing a set of variables to be saved either for a sensitivity simulation or to decrease the output size for large models.

.mdl - MoDeL format file used to transfer Vensim models from one platform to another.

.out – OUTput file from an optimization giving the best parameter results (Pro/DSS only text file).

.prm - PaRaMeter control file used to control optimizations.  The .prm extension is obsolete - see .vpd, .voc and .vsc.

.rep – REPort file created when the payoff report option is selected (Pro/DSS only text file).

.vcd - Vensim Custom Description file used to create a scripted Venapp (DSS only).

.vcf- A binary  version of a .vcd file.

.vdf - Vensim Data Format file used to store simulation results and converted data. Binary file.

.vdi – Vensim Data Input file used to query an ODBC connection for Constants and Data (DSS Only text file).

.vdo – Vensim Data Output file used to output data to an ODBC connection (DSS Only text file).

.vgd - Vensim Graph Definition file used to set up custom graphics.

.vgf - A binary version of a .vgd file.

.voc – Vensim Optimization Control file. Used to specify how to optimize a model. This is a text file (Pro/DSS only).

.vpd – Vensim Payoff Definition. Used to define the payoff for optimization (text file Pro/DSS only).

.vmf - Vensim Model Format file used to store models.  This is a binary file.

.vpa – Vensim Packaged Application containing a model and Venapp definition file (DSS only binary file).

.vpm- Vensim Packaged model containing a model and support files (binary file).

.vsc – Vensim Sensitivity Control. Control file for doing sensitivity simulations (text file).

.wmf – Windows Meta File format – this is used to store embedded metafile images when a model s saved in .mdl format. The filenames are the same as the model names with numbers added.

.sts - Vensim Sketch ToolSet file.  A file containing a  Sketch toolset.

.vts - Vensim Analysis ToolSet file.  A file containing an Analysis toolset.
Backup files. All of the following are backup files, you can delete these if they are no longer needed.