Version 6.0

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Version 6.0

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Version 6.0 introduces a new look and new features, along with many bug fixes. This help system has been significantly upgraded to enhance readability and organization.


Interface Changes


Equation Editor

Toolbars and Cursors


Optimization Features


Stochastic optimization

Discrete constraints on optimization parameters

Extended payoffs

Markov chain Monte Carlo & simulated annealing

Extended payoff report information


Note that some of these features, while easy to use, are not yet integrated into the interface. Therefore you must implement them by editing payoff (.vpd) and control (.voc, .vsc) files in a text editor. If you use the editors in the Simulation Control dialog, some features of your changes may be lost (like the :STOCHASTIC option).


Also, as we gain experience with these new algorithms, we may modify them for greater efficiency or ease of use. So, do not rely on a fixed implementation (yet).


Bug Fixes


Excel spreadsheet import behavior with blank lines and chart tabs has been improved.

Context error logs are closed properly in the multicontext .dll, preventing opening of too many file handles.

Incorrect treatment of parameter bounds in Powell optimization fixed, yielding a slight increase in performance.

The SIMULATE>SETVAL command works correctly with quoted variable names containing special characters like =, ( and :.

Random number generators no longer reset at each interval in games.

Export of datasets via VDF2TAB repaired.